From commercial and light commercial gyms, to high-end personal home use—sales and service—Lucki’s has the equipment to meet client’s needs.

What sets Lucki’s apart from the competition is how they understand the significance of educating customers about the products they purchase to ensure the best ‘fit’ and therefore a better fitness experience. With their vast knowledge of products and enthusiasm for client care, Lucki’s is dedicated to the right piece of equipment that will enhance the workout experience with robust and achievable goals.


Lucki’s takes the fitness vision from concept to creation with a layout designed to maximize floor space while providing a comfortable, motivational fitness experience for participants. With years of experience, Lucki’s can work directly with architects or builders to ensure proper purchasing, placement, and traffic flow for any facility. Being able to create a custom fitness facility for any size space or budget is not only their specialty but their passion!

Thoughtful planning,
equipment expertise,
and technical know-how
bring fitness solutions to life.


It all starts with a plan!

Lucki’s would not exist if it wasn’t for their awesome and talented staff.

“Our employees have contributed to the success of the business immensely. We are ever so grateful for their enthusiasm, passion, optimism and most importantly their hard work and dedication,” says Lori Lucki, Partner, Lucki’s Exercise Equipment Ltd. “They are our family, and like any family the bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life! At Lucki’s, we are one “Lucki” bunch!”

Always, yours in good health!