Being fit is really easier said than done, wouldn’t you agree? People can complain and make rude remarks about how you don’t look like yourself with all the weight you’ve gained but not know the struggle behind it. They talk mindlessly about how you have stopped caring for yourself after you have gotten married without even asking about your own circumstances regarding your personal health & fitness. 

You know what? Let them talk.

At the end of the day, people will always have something to say – even when it’s not their place to be saying anything at all. If you are going to entertain each and every snide mark made about you, it’s just going to end up consuming a lot of your time and energy. And those resources you could have used for far better purpose. Say, engaging in activities that will help you improve and outdo yourself. 

You see, it’s not about them. No, it’s never about them. It’s about you and the way you see yourself.

If you really want to change, maybe improve your current lifestyle, be sure to set your priorities straight. You have to understand that the reason you have to undergo changes, the reason why you have to improve yourself is to please yourself and not others. It is only then that you can find the motivation to truly change your life for the better.

Your health & fitness starts today – that is, if it is what you want!

The Importance of Health

Admit it; you’re not getting any younger – neither am I or anyone else for that matter! Every day, our cells live and die. As we age, the capacity of our cells to renew depletes until such time that the rate of renewed cells won’t be able to keep up with the rate of dying cells. Such is the fate of an aging body.

However, it’s not like we can’t do anything at all to impede this natural development. While we can’t totally stop it, there are a number of things you can do to prolong the healthy life of your cells and that is through proper diet, sufficient rest, and daily exercise. To know more about health & fitness and their significance, click here.

That’s right. With the right lifestyle, you can lead a long, happy and healthy life!

But I guess that’s not enough to convince you, isn’t it? If telling people to give up their unhealthy ways and practice better lifestyle choices was this easy, I don’t think the world would have such alarming rates of obesity, hypertension, and other lifestyle diseases. In order to make a person to commit to change willingly, he must first find the motivation to do it. And I think there is no better motivation than learning about consequences. 

Here are a few things that you WON’T get to enjoy with ailing health:

Work Productivity

If you have a problem concentrating at work and you feel as if you’re not doing enough, it’s most probably because you are leading an unproductive lifestyle as well. There have been many studies linking work productivity to physical health. Visit this link: for more information about physical health.

When you are not eating right, your body won’t receive the nutrition it needs to function at its best. If you’re not exercising enough, your blood circulation would be weak and disrupted and your brain may not receive as much oxygen. If you lack sufficient rest, stress hormones in your body will be secreted in droves, causing you to feel restless and cranky. By leading an unhealthy lifestyle, you deprive your body the chance to function at its best. This leaves you drained and sluggish and you end up underperforming at work.

You might think that being “busy” is what makes you productive. But it’s not. What will make you productive is a healthy diet, 6-8 hours of sleep, and regular exercise. When you’re physically healthy, your brain works better and when your brain works better, productivity happens. Read more articles about exercise, workouts, vitamins, minerals, nutrition, diets, etc. in websites like healthfitnessdrug; there’s a lot to discover about health & fitness in these resources.

Great Mood

Not only does health affect work productivity, it can affect how you feel as well. Your mood is not just determined by environmental factors, it can be affected by internal factors as well. This is why there are some people who feel cranky for little to no reason at all. 

Again, our nervous system secretes hormones that basically act as “triggers” to our body’s functions. But take note that it only does so when certain conditions are met. 

For example, when your body feels tired, your body starts to secrete melatonin. This hormone signals that you are ready to rest and helps relax your muscles and brain activity. It’s the sluggish feeling you get during the wee hours of night. After all, melatonin is activated when it gets dark as night time is perceived as resting hours by the body. 

But what do you usually do when there are still deadlines and presentations, and whatever else you need to finish? You drink coffee; you pump caffeine to your system. This negates the effects of the hormone melatonin and alerts your body to stay awake. While you think this is okay since it helps you avert the immediate crisis aka “not finishing work on time,” it also raises the stress levels in your body. 

Cortisol, the stress hormone, can highly affect your mood. It can make you feel restless, tense, and cranky. This is the reason why you can never talk sense to people who lack sleep. Their bodies may be moving but it’s as if their heads up in the clouds. Even the smallest stimulus (e.g. annoying noise) can make them snap. Overtime, the stress will wear your body down. Worst case scenario, your body might even collapse without due notice.

The Verdict

Never mind what other people say. You should never, ever take your health for granted – for reasons that are personal. Aside from annoying a lot of people with your relentless mood swings, you’re also not helping yourself perform any better at work. This can affect your long-term goals and personal objectives in life, love, and career.

Eat healthy and exercise daily. These three will help go a long way towards your health & fitness! People’s praise with your lifestyle change is a bonus!