You may think that shedding unwanted pounds can be achieved by simply eating less and counting calories, but according to studies, yo-yo dieting – repeatedly losing weight by dieting and subsequently regaining it – can actually be bad for your health.

Experts and nutritionists have been advocating the alternative to ‘losing weight’ – it is achieving healthy body weight. What’s the difference between the two? Losing weight tends to have a short-term focus – if you reduce food intake, and burn more calories than you consume, over a particular timeframe, you will lose weight. But because it is hard to sustain this effort over the long haul, any positive results are generally temporary in nature. Achieving a healthy body weight has a long-term focus and involves more elements than just calories consumed versus calories burned. It’s about tackling issues that go much deeper than daily food consumption. A healthy body weight focuses on the myriad of critical factors related to your habits, history and lifestyle that cause you to gain weight and make it difficult to lose weight. These factors are just as important, if not more important, than the amount and types of food you eat.

The key is taking a long-term and holistic perspective, rather than a short-term and limited one. Shedding weight and achieving a healthy body weight is a process. It takes time. But the results are likely to be more sustainable and enduring than traditional dieting.

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