It’s very common among fitness enthusiasts to keep a record of progress so that you can chart how fitness levels have improved over time. Whether the goal is to bulk up, shed weight or achieve personal best exercise times, there are tons of apps out there which can help in pursuit of these goals.

Aside from monitoring progress, you can download apps that provide short workout plans if you find it difficult to commit to 30-60 minutes of exercise in the evenings. Quick, intense workouts can be just as effective, so there are apps to provide these if time is a commodity that you’re lacking. Also, if an accompanying soundtrack injects some tempo into your workout, apps like Spotify enable you to put together the perfect motivational playlist while exercising.

The infographic below from My Fitness Boutique lists 10 of the best apps for fitness enthusiasts, covering everything from short workouts to calorie counters to playlist finders. These apps can provide an ideal accompaniment to your exercise routine, so scroll down to see the shortlist below and make sure you add these apps to your device if they haven’t already been downloaded!