Breathe in and out, find balance and grace and allow the stress of life to fall away…

If you are looking for a healthy and positive activity to introduce to your teens or young kids, yoga is a great option that focuses on physical and emotional well being.  Yoga helps children and teens deal with anxiety, stress and depression, and it also teaches them to pay attention to what their bodies are telling them.

If you’ve been wondering if yoga is right for you and your family, then consider these 10 benefits, as they’ll help your kids navigate life in a positive and healthy manner.

  1. Focuses on Breath

When we teach kids to pay attention to their breath, we’re teaching them to bring their focus inward and, in turn, practice mindfulness. This isn’t only helpful on the mat, but can actually help teens cope with stress, fear and anxiety. It allows them to practice self-awareness and teaches them to develop control of their emotions.

  1. Builds Balance

Teaching kids and teens the importance of balance is critical in their development.   Yoga is a great tool for not only developing physical balance, but also for developing emotional and spiritual balance.  As they get older, young teens are faced with more responsibility and balance is a key factor in everything – from work, to their social life, diet and other lifestyle factors.

  1. Instills Compassion

Teens and young kids can be hard on themselves and each other, thus teaching them the value of compassion and kindness is very important. Yoga first teaches self-compassion and awareness, which in-turn radiates outward to others.

  1. Teaches Body Awareness

Learning yoga poses helps us learn to respect the limitations of our bodies and teaches kids and teens what they are physically capable of. It’s important for children to learn about what makes them feel good and how to listen to their bodies. Body awareness can help them develop respect and value for their bodies, which is physically and emotionally beneficial.

  1. Builds Self-Esteem

Yoga cultivates healthy self-esteem as it focuses on self-improvement, and unlike many other physical activities, it is not a competitive sport. Instead, teens measure progress against their own goals, not the capabilities of others.  The right yoga instructors also create a positive environment for kids to learn about themselves and each other, which also contributes to developing positive self-esteem.

  1. Encourages Fun

One of the most important aspects of doing yoga with your kids is that it’s really fun! Whether you’re at yoga class or doing some fun yoga poses at home, your kids will enjoy the challenge and health benefits of a regular yoga routine.

  1. Builds Lasting Friendships

Yoga is special in that it can be practiced alone, however there is an amazing community of like-minded people who are interested in the positive elements of yoga as well. That’s just one of the reasons that yoga offers a great opportunity for kids to make friends. Finding a yoga studio that has youth classes can provide an encouraging environment for your children to learn about healthy communication and respect for others.

  1. Teaches Relaxation

Young teens have an insane amount of energy and are constantly moving. It’s important that children take the time to relax and learn the techniques to calm their bodies and minds. Yoga helps teach children how to relax, and practicing a few slow moving poses at night can also help them get a good night’s sleep.

  1. Teaches Healthy Body Image

Culture, media, and peer pressure can all play into creating a negative sense of body image in young women. Yoga works to combat that by providing a healthy environment for girls. By building internal confidence, children are less likely to be influenced by negative outside factors.

  • They Can Pass It On

When young teens are excited about something they’re usually eager to share it with their friends, and yoga is a great thing for kids to share. Passing on something that can offer peace of mind and a healthy physical wellbeing is a true gift, which will have long lasting positive effects.


Article contributed by Limeapple. Limeapple is a leading provider of active wear for young girls. They are committed to helping young women lead a healthy, active and empowered lifestyle.