Beautiful and shapely legs have always been a cornerstone of the female body beauty, and this trend has never been stronger. After having been covered up for hundreds of years in public, female legs have made a significant comeback with women sporting bare legs more or less year round. The age limit has also gone up, with a growing number of women in their forties and older proudly displaying their legs in public. Here are a few simple and natural steps you can take to ensure your legs are strong, stunning and healthy.

Avoid hot water

You might be surprised to hear that the temperature of the water you wash your legs with can have a significant effect on how appealing they look. Washing with hot water dries out the skin and blocks much needed moisture from getting to your legs. This results in appearance of unsightly stubble, and nothing brings down the look of your legs like dark, prickly hairs. Shaving is made significantly more difficult as a result of using hot water, but cold water is not the solution either. A lukewarm, moderate temperature is just the ticket for healthy and moisturized skin. Find the perfect temperature, and you might be surprised with the results.


You can’t go wrong with cardio: it keeps your heart healthy, and also shapes and tones your legs. There are several non-impact exercises to choose from, it all depends on your preference. Cycling is a complete workout for all your leg muscles, while yoga has been proven to elevate problems associated with swollen feet. Variety is crucial, so try to combine strength and cardio exercises for the best effect. The squat jump is an exercise that has rightfully become the golden standard for the perfect leg workout. It consists of placing your feet hip-width apart, squatting down and then jumping up as high as you can while swinging your arms up. Land the jump in the same squat position. Check out these shark tank exercise products to add to your training routine.

Healthy food for spider veins

Spider veins are visible enlarged veins just under the skin, and they commonly appear on legs – especially in women. Several factors such as obesity, genetics or pregnancy can increase the chance of their appearance. Although they are not harmful, spider veins are quite detrimental to the overall look of your legs. There are several steps you can take to make spider veins less visible but the only way to get rid of them altogether is through treatments such as sclerotherapy. You can, however, reduce them by eating certain foods and herbs. Citrus fruits, cherries, red grapes, buckwheat and berries (cranberries in particular) all help by improving circulation.

What to avoid

Smoking, sunbathing and tanning salons: these three things are your legs’ biggest enemies. Not only do they wreak havoc on your legs, but are detrimental to health in general so you will do well by giving them a wide berth. When you do sunbathe, be sure to take precautions to protect your skin. A high SPF sunscreen is a must, as is adequate moisturizer afterwards. Massaging olive oil onto your skin is a great natural way of keeping them healthy and moisturized.


Acupressure is an ancient healing technique that consists of applying pressure to certain key points with your fingers. It releases tension; increases circulation and can have a great impact on soothing leg cramps and other aches and pains. The legs and feet are prime candidates for acupressure as they endure a lot of stress, especially if you spend a lot of time standing up. You can visit a professional, or even learn a few key acupressure points so you can always relieve tension on your own.

With a little TLC, exercise and a healthy diet, you can ensure your legs will be at their best. Don’t be afraid to flaunt your flawless legs. Ditch the stockings and let your legs shine in their natural beauty.


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