In the race to become rich, we have forgotten the importance of staying fit and healthy. People who work hard every single day can’t stay fresh and energized unless they take care of their minds and bodies. To stay ahead in the competition: entrepreneurs, celebrities, athletes and politicians practice yoga on daily basis because they know how important it is to stay young and active.

People who live in urban areas are well-aware of yoga and its benefits. But, residents of rural areas who work all days and nights to earn few bugs don’t know anything about it. This article will be of great help to everyone who wish to bring a drastic change to his life and prefer health over money.

If you are expecting a positive change to your life, be a yoga freak, grab your yoga mat, and learn these 5 simple yet effective poses to relieve stress and boost energy instantly

  • Marjaryasana


If you follow a hectic schedule and are trying to get rid of severe stress and pain, Marjaryasan is just the right pose as it gives a relaxing message to your belly and spine. This pose could also be a deliberate choice to keep a digestive system fit. But, it could only be possible if you practice it regularly. You need to be passionate and committed to add yoga into your daily life routine, if you wish to see yourself in a great shape.

  • Dolphin Pose

It’s a pose not for the beginners but an absolutely astounding option for people who have been practicing yoga for a long time. If you are a regular yoga practitioner and looking for more improved poses to relieve anxiety and stress, make the Dolphin Pose a habit.

The pose is quite complicated and requires lot of concentration and balance. But, if you are able to manage it smoothly, you will start loving it, trust me.

  • Uttanasana


It would not be wrong to call Uttanasana a reliable stress reliever for all hard working and busy personalities. It not only reduces stress, but also takes care of the entire nervous system which results in improved blood circulation throughout a body. Apart from its Sanskrit name, this pose is commonly known as Standing Forward Bend.

It’s such an easy pose for new comers and they don’t take too much time to learn. While doing it, make sure to follow reliable practices suggested by the experts. If you are not attending classes, use internet as there you will get thousands of tutorials for your best guidance.

  • Uttana Shishosana

The fashion week has finally arrived where you will be performing as a show stopper for a renowned clothing brand. You have to look confident and gorgeous and this could only be possible if you have a correct body posture. Uttana Shishosana is an appropriate yoga pose to fulfill your dream. It is a fantastic yoga pose that’s not only helpful for relieving stress. It is also an ideal way to bring an amazing flexibility to a body.

Uttana Shishosana is also a vital choice for females who want to lose consider weight after giving birth to a child.

  • Paschimottansana


Are you getting tired of following the same working schedule for months? It is the time for you to think about yourself more seriously. Keep in mind that the healthier you are the better chances you have to work even harder. Paschimottansana is a tremendous basic yoga pose to relieve stress and stiffness. Practicing this pose could turn out to be beneficial for health as well.

Apart from its stress relieving qualities, it is also a significant source of stimulating kidney and uterus.

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