As exciting as it might be, pregnancy comes with its own challenges. There is no denying that the excitement to welcome your little champ might not ebb away throughout the nine months. However, stress, nausea, digestive issues, and other concerns tend to show periodically.

There is also the worry of putting additional pounds. You might want to check out different diet plans or learn about important things to know about fasted cardio for later on. But your focus should be mainly on maintaining your health and the well-being of your tiny tot.

Pregnancy meditation is a good means to that end. It reaps numerous health benefits. On a general note, the number of people who meditate has crept up from 8% in 2002 to 9.9% in 2012. It helps to relax, relieves anxiety, and sharpens focus.

Here is a look at some ways how meditation is good for pregnant women:

  1. Calms stress

Pregnancy is synonymous with fluctuations in hormonal levels. Some stress is anticipated during these months. However, long periods of stress and anxiety can leave negative implications on the growing fetus. Research indicates that excess stress correlates with preterm birth and lower birth weight.

Meditation works to curtail stress and anxiety though. A study confirms that pregnant moms who practice meditation yoga can bring down stress significantly. Another study also found out that mothers who meditated during pregnancy had 50% lowered chances of early delivery. These findings were in comparison with the group of women participants who didn’t get any meditation education. Meditation combined with prenatal massage with a registered massage therapist is the best combination for keeping your stress levels under control. We highly recommend trying meditation with a prenatal massage as it will calm you down just not physically but mentally as well. You can keep a massage chair at home if you are too lazy to go to salon during pregnancy.

  1. Minimizes the risk of depression

Pregnancy is a sensitive period. It is packed with both ups and down, whereby, depression finds an inlet for itself. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists highlights that roughly 23% of women suffer from depression when they have a bun in the oven.

Since the hormones are on a fritz, the mental issue only aggravates. Depression deprives a pregnant woman of her strength and energy. The little one is also impacted. These kids are likely to be less active. Additionally, depression multiplies the risk of miscarriage and early labor.  Meditation is a good antidote to prenatal as well as postpartum depression. It boosts the levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that triggers depression if it’s low. It also strengthens hippocampus, the brain region that shrinks when a person is crestfallen.

  1. Helps sleep better

It’s really disturbing when an expectant mom can’t rest properly. A survey points out that 78% of women experience sleep problems during their pregnancy. However, wakefulness is not a concern to be placed on the backburner. Extensive research points out that sleeplessness pairs with a long, and discomforting labor. It is also associated with increased chances of cesarean section.

Fortunately, meditation encourages good sleep. It boosts the levels of the sleep-promoting hormone called melatonin by an average 98%. Some participants of the study also witnessed their melatonin levels rocket by 300%. Therefore, moms-to-be can reap the benefit of restful sleep from meditation.

  1. Improves the mother-child bond

Developing a strong bond with the growing bean is critical. A baby is good at picking his mother’s mood and feelings. He is also hyperaware of the surroundings. This means that a child can easily figure if his mom is afraid or sad. Consequently, his heart ends up beating at twice its speed.

Likewise, a baby can detect if his mother is happy. In doing so, he experiences the same emotion. Therefore, it is essential to forge improved connectivity with the child. Some ways to do this include singing and playing music. Meditation also helps in this regard. It encourages calm and reduces anxiety to the backdrop. It also improves general well-being. Also, as it facilitates good sleep, a pregnant woman is less disturbed or agitated, which improves the bond with the baby.

  1. Enhances immunity

Meditation exhibits the benefit of improved immunity for a pregnant woman as well as her little bean. Pregnancy makes a person more vulnerable to diseases and infections. This balloons the importance of strengthening the immune system. A study found out that mediation amps up the electrical activity in the left hemisphere of the brain. This is the side of the brain that commands the immune system.

Enhanced activity corresponds with an efficient immune system. It leads to increased production of defense cells too. Another study confirms this. The findings read, “A meditation habit can strengthen the body’s immune function, plus increase brain performance in the form of electrical activity.” Hence, an expectant mom can boost her immunity by meditating.

  1. Lessens pregnancy pains

It is common for women carrying a baby to feel pain in various part of the body. It could be in her shoulder, back, or even in the abdomen. The main culprit here is the increased weight that a person carries. On average, there are nearly 25-35 extra points to bear in the final month. This can culminate in muscle pain and increased strain on nerves and blood vessels.

Meditation is a good alternative to medication for lowering these pains. Drugs work by stimulating the production of endorphin which is a painkiller. Meditation works in a similar manner. It also boosts the secretion of endorphins, therefore, helping reduce pain and discomfort.

  1. Lowers labor pain

A broad array of factors determine a woman’s experience in delivering a baby. These factors entail genetics, the baby’s dimensions, life experiences, stress, and the state of a person’s mind. Luckily, meditation is able to tap into one’s state of mind, which helps diminish the labor pain.

Research outlines that meditation reduces labor pain and prepares the mind and body for giving birth. A study found out that just four days of meditation before the delivery helped reduce the participant’s pain by 27%. It releases two painkillers, endorphins, and dopamine that help alleviate the ache. In fact, meditation spikes dopamine secretion by 65%, thus, supporting a positive labor experience.

Conclusively, meditation helps pregnant women in many ways. These include better sleep, less labor pain, reduced anxiety and stress, and better bonding with the baby. It also improves immunity and helps get rid of common pregnancy pains.