What once was known only as an ancient spiritual practice among the Indians, yoga is now recognized as a worldwide trend and a full-blown industry on many aspects on a scale never seen before. Does it mean that so many people need stress-relief more than ever and they turn to an age-old practice?  That’s just one of several strong reasons for practicing yoga.

As more people suffer from the stress brought about by the present society obsessed with ideals of success and money-making culture, the cult following of yoga grows as well.  Its popularity is overtaking that of gym workouts because it caters to a wider audience from various ages, shapes, and sizes. An added bonus is that it only requires less equipment, sometimes even none at all.

Yoga has reached a wide range of practitioners coming from seekers of stress relief to professionals in the medical field who suggest yoga as a form of treatment for various health issues.

With more than 50 yoga styles to choose from, more and more individuals and entrepreneurs are practicing yoga. Read any health magazine and view multi-media advertisements and you can clearly see that people are getting crazy about yoga. From its humble and solemn beginnings, yoga is now a booming industry, achieving the levels of showbiz popularity. Yoga has reincarnated itself into a booming global billion dollar industry.

This infographic shows the growth of yoga.


Author Djina writes about yoga on her blog strech.nl