We all want to do what we can to attain the attractive body we know is beneath the surface just waiting to be revealed. However, with such a focus on burning fat and losing weight, all too many set themselves up for failure. What is often overlooked is the benefits of muscle protein. Fat will be burned in the process, and discouraging numbers on the scale after an intense week of eating right and working out can be better explained.

Why Relying on Fat Loss is Problematic

Most who set out to diet and exercise have a common goal. They want to watch the number on the scale drop. However, there’s science involved with how the body burns energy, and you can’t rely on the scale to track your overall success. For starters, there are many variables that can make a difference but doesn’t necessarily reflect your fat percentage such as:

  • Water retention or loss
  • Bladder content
  • Stomach content
  • Accumulation of muscle mass

Not to mention, the number on the scale is, in a way, irrelevant to the way you look. For example, two people could share the same weight, but one may be obese while the other isn’t. Muscle weighs more than fat. By continually training and eating right, you can develop the muscle protein necessary to achieve the real goal, and that’s to start looking and feeling your best.

Gaining Muscle the Right Way

The road to building muscle protein starts in your mind before you even arrive at the gym. As you make your way to your next workout, begin meditating on the areas you plan to train. This allows your brain to send the proper signals to prepare them for what lies ahead.

Before you get to work, it’s important to warm up. This not only allows the joints to lubricate, but it also gives you better coordination for the intensity to follow. Furthermore, don’t focus on lifting more weight but instead on technique. Trying to lift more than you’re capable of will only debilitate you from getting the most out of the workout. Over time, you can increase weight while all the while establishing proper form.

Finally, you must stay focused on the task at hand. You’re not at the gym to socialize or indulge in other distractions. To make the most of your workout, turn on Spotify, and get to work.

Keeping the Course

Whether you are new to the journey of sculpting your body or have tried many times without success, it’s time to change your mentality. Muscle protein is essential in the long-term development of a healthy and attractive body. Not only does its development explain a sudden decrease in weight loss despite hard work and determination, but it will also provide you the strength necessary to advance in your efforts and make the most of your journey. There are some tips to follow to ensure you stay on the right track:

  • Eat more carbs early in the morning and after workouts
  • Focus on your weaknesses- if you hate push-ups, you should strive to do more to turn them into features rather than failures
  • Consider your body type to find a protein supplement that works for you to maximize the development of muscle protein
  • Make time for plenty of sleep
  • Don’t avoid adequate saturated fats such as those found in avocados
  • Add variety to your workouts
  • Avoid eating the same foods everyday


Ryan Blair has been involved in the fitness industry for over 12 years. He currently passes his time by writing for various fitness related websites and blogs, if you would like to contact him you can do so at: www.linkedin.comĀ