Research has been going on among more and more sciences to address the question or the issue of effects of yoga and meditation on the brain and its functioning. From these result of the scientists, it is possible that yoga and meditation can help in the improvement of the brain and mental health. Reportedly, people who meditate are more likely to have healthier or even happier lives than those who do not meditate or those that do it less often. The same case applies with yoga. Reshaping of the brain from negative to positive is possible.

Meditation and a Healthy Brain

Neuroscientists have reported that meditation is healthy. Meditation is likely to lead to an individual having a happy life. People who meditate more often are healthier than the ones who rarely do it or those who do not do it at all. Scans indicate and show that meditation plays the role of changing various regions in the brain. Meditation is helpful in the individual’s memory improvement. The practice of meditating more often leads to an individual becoming more compassionate than in cases where one does not meditate. It leads to empathy. Empathy results from the fact that the brain becomes more resilient in handling stress. The mind remains healthier when a person meditates. The meditation helps the individual in ensuring that the gray matter does not reduce.

Meditation and Emotions Control

When people meditate, they are in a better position in controlling their emotions. Brain regions that deal with feelings or emotions grow bigger with meditation. People that meditate love and understand people. These regions include the insula, the amygdala, and dorsal raphe. These parts that control or regulate our emotions, compassion, and even empathy are positively affected by meditation. People should thus increase the rate at which they meditate as it is vital and beneficial. Meditation helps us remain happy and find happiness while sad.

Meditation and Stress Handling

When one meditates, the stress levels are reduced or decreased.  Cortisol levels that lead to stress together with anxiety are reduced, and this results from relaxation of the mind.   There is a reduction of the space that responds to stress in the brain, and this helps in avoiding anxiety. Meditation also aids keep away depression. Concentration in exercises and tasks thus gets easy.

Yoga Keeps Bipolar Disorders Away

Yoga practicing for individuals suffering disorders that are bipolar in nature is helpful. Yoga helps keep the conditions away. One who practices yoga can keep off anxiety. One can thus remain relaxed even in situations that are challenging. Depression is also avoided by practicing Yoga. People that engage in yoga a lot often can deal with these conditions. When one is busy practicing yoga, all worries are kept off. The meaning of this is that the yoga practice keeps these disorders away. The regions including the insula, the amygdala, and dorsal raphe are affected, and that space is reduced. Reduction in the space located in these regions leads to a reduction in disorders like depression, anxiety and stress.

Yoga and Stress Reduction

Yoga is helpful for stress busting. One can find some level of happiness even in stressful states or conditions when they practice yoga. Yoga has been reported to be healthy as it helps with the reduction of cortisol levels that lead to stress together with anxiety, and this leads to relaxation of the mind. Yoga aids in reducing the risks of anxiety, and depression to almost zero. In stress situations, yoga helps us to remain calm. Improvement of concentration to things far from stressing conditions helps in reduction of stress. Taking each step at a time can be achieved when one practices yoga and the mind is also more relaxed. Irritability is thus kept away. People should thus plan on having more yoga sessions than they plan for drinks. Less stress means that burnout levels even in workplaces are absent. One can thus work more comfortably in difficult situations.

Yoga Boosts Brainpower

Apart from the reduction of the stress, anxiety reduction, yoga is a brain booster. Yoga practice is famous for the power it has of increasing the functioning of a person’s brain. Yoga boosts brain by improving the focus of an individual and prevention of memory loss. The cells in the brain of a person who practices yoga remain relaxed and healthy in comparison to those who do not do yoga. Instead of having drinks when one feels foggy, one should go for some yoga. It is helpful to the brain in enhancing the perspective of an individual in the world.

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Yoga Increases Happiness

After sessions of yoga, one is happy. The feeling of being relaxed is good. One becomes more motivated to move on or to do or perform more tasks. It helps in energy renewal for an individual, and this reduces exhaustion in the body. Yoga is an aid in focusing on the present and what is helpful to us. The relaxed mind is healthy. If yoga can make a person happy, then why wouldn’t you go for it? Get motivated to take more sessions of yoga as it is of more health benefits than some things or practices.


Meditation and yoga are good and also healthy. They have the power to boost the way the brain works and consequently to affect how we feel. The happiness the two can bring about is the most significant benefit. More and more people should get encouraged to take more sessions of yoga. They need also to meditate more.



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