Around the stress from work and studying everyone needs to relax with some exercises. Of course you can try to perform them in a home environment, however, sometimes it is more than difficult to concentrate while you are at home because there are many things that could distract you from the thorough commitment to the useful exercises. Another suitable decision is to find the nearest gym in your neighbourhood and to visit it on regular basis in order to stay fit for a longer time. Many people spend a lot of hours in the gym every week, however, they have not still acquired the behaviour that will facilitate their trainings and that will help them to feel comfortable while practising their exercises.

No matter what type of gym you plan to visit, you need to take into account few details that could help you feel ”at your place” in the gym environment.

The moment when you use the equipment and other people are waiting

We admit that this is really unpleasant situation, because you need to hurry up with your exercises and you often fail to make them in the right way. What we suggest you should do is the following:

  • allow people to use the equipment while you take a rest from the exercises
  • do not use the gym equipment for taking a rest between the sets
  • use a towel to clean after each set in order to get rid of the sweat that may have been left on the equipment

What to do when you have finished with the using of your equipment?

This is also an essential moment of the proper gym etiquette and you definitely need to be well familiar with it.

  • Again you need a towel with which you can wipe the equipment and if you have a disinfectant you can also use it in this case, Deluxe Clean
  • remove your own equipment and clothes when you have finished with the exercises because other people are not responsible for them; the weights need also to be returned to their designated place
  • make sure that you have returned all the benches and mats at their place in the storage area
  • do not forget to take your own sweaty towel after you finish with the exercises
  • if you happen to be the last one that will use the equipment make sure that you have put all of it at the right place

A word about making noise

Everyone knows that many people gather in the gyms, especially in the bigger ones. When it comes to noise, we all know that it is quite impossible to remain silence all the time and not to talk to someone, however we will give you some advice on this issue:

  • avoid too longer chatting – in this way you will find it difficult to concentrate on the exercises
  • cell phones are not a necessity in the gym – you may disturb other people by talking on the cell phone. Turn it off while you are at the gym and take up with your exercises
  • Avoid singing and whistling in the gym – it is needless to say that this behaviour is more than impolite and rude. Even when you listening to music we recommend you not to disturb other people with such kind of noise

Make sure that you use equipment that has been cleaned and sanitized according to the standards. Choose a gym that maintains a high level of hygiene and where dust is regularly cleaned. Avoid places that are in poor condition and badly cleaned – they are not your place for making exercises.

Fiona is a manager at Deluxe Clean, finding time to exercise and eat healthy is very important for her.