Hitting your 30s can be daunting for some. Though it’s simply a movement into a new decade, society has placed certain indicators on each age and entering the 30s is seen as a major milestone. The 20s for many are the decade where people try out many new things, have travel and career adventures, complete their studies but the 30s is seen as a time that is dedicated to settling down, attending to a new family and generally becoming more disciplined.

If you are entering your 30s and have never set foot inside a gym before or never taken part in any formulated fitness regime, all is not lost. It is never too late to begin a health drive. While you may have the fortune to have a slim figure, being active is still a really important aspect of an overall healthy lifestyle.

The issue for many as they enter their 30s is that time becomes a majorly pressing issue. They have likely advanced in their careers so that is a demanding element in their lives, bringing with it many stresses and strains. They are possibly raising or on the verge of starting a family which is a major time stealer. So it’s so important that people who are in their 30s recognize the value of taking some time out for fitness; this will not only benefit you in terms of physical fitness but it’s also excellent to keep you healthy mentally as you get to focus some time on yourself.

This infographic from My Fitness Boutique in the UK aims to show why it’s a great time to hit the fitness circuit in your 30s. It shows how it can benefit your health and indicates different options for you to try with tips included to get the most from each exercise. No reason not to get going…good luck!


Michael Nash is the marketing manager with My Fitness Boutique in North London in the UK. My Fitness Boutique is a focused gym which offers tailored and pay-as-you-go classes in Zumba, HIIT and much more.