There are so many benefits to exercise and taking care of the body, but creativity is one benefit that is often overlooked. Because fitness is so crucial in keeping the mind sharp, it is essential to enhancing creativity.

Overall, an increasing amount of people are working all day in sedentary states and it is taking a toll on people’s abilities to focus, make decisions, and create. There are many studies that suggest that staying active helps with connecting ideas and reducing the stress that prevents people from being productive.

Most of the most creative people in the world have some form of routine that they use to generate ideas. Beethoven would take a long vigorous walk each morning with a notebook to unlock his ideas for music to write that day. Apple CEO Tim Cook starts every morning with a 5am workout.

Everyone is creative, whether you work in a “creative” industry or not, and there are many ways to improve your creativity through fitness. It’s important to stay active and avoid getting drained or feeling lethargic. Doing just 30 minutes of exercise each day will do wonders for your energy levels and productivity.

Tips for Enhancing Your Creativity:

1. Meditate Daily: Use a guided meditation app (such as Headspace), and sit and breath for 10-15 minutes a day. This practice helps keep thoughts clear and organized and puts you in a more thoughtful mindset rather than a reactive one.
2. Draw & Write Every Day: Put pen to paper each day to record your thoughts, ideas, or even just to doodle. Physically laying down your thoughts on paper can relieve your brain and help your organize and clear your mind.
3. Run! For me personally, going for a run is one of the best ways to get out and clear my head. I often get my best ideas while running and I feel completely rejuvenated after sweating it out for a few miles.
4. Take Breaks: It’s easy to get in the groove of a workday and forget to take a breather. It’s good to allow the mind to take a break from focus and stress to avoid burnout. Having the space to allow your mind to wander will often bring about your best ideas.
5. Stand Up! We are often working long days sitting at desks, so it’s important to get up and move once in awhile. There are even smart watches and apps available that remind you stand every hour.

Wellness affects every aspect of people’s lives. By keeping active and treating our bodies with care and respect, we improve and evolve both physically and mentally.

By Joel Verhagen