You were involved in a car accident two weeks ago. Everything that happened during that time was horrific, and you just want to forget everything about it. You ended up with bruises on your arms and knees, but aside from that, everything is okay with you. You’re thankful that the only thing wrecked during the accident was your car and that can be sorted out by Junk Car Masters. Well, everything can be replaced except your life, right? And now that you’re slowly recovering from the accident, you’ve come across an article about how survivors like you, were able to incorporate exercises into their daily routine for their long-term recovery. Upon reading this, you were curious to know more. You were slightly injured during the accident, but because many have attested to the benefits of exercise, you’re eager to try it out yourself.

Believe it or not, exercise can help you in more ways than one after your car accident. But no, you’re not expected to enroll yourself in your local gym and lift weights right away, your injuries might worsen once you do so. You should be careful about what type of exercises you do after the accident because it can either make or break your road towards recovery. For you to have a clearer picture of what to do (or what not to do) for your exercises, you can follow these tips:

  1. Sing at the top of your lungs: Most people (and you could be one of them) would scream or gasp hysterically when they’re involved in a major car accident. Because of this, your body’s response to the accident would usually cause your chest and your diaphragm to tighten, and this restricts some of your lung’s normal functions. If you want your lungs and diaphragm to recover from the accident, take your time to sing a song – you have the liberty to pick any song you would want to sing your heart out to. This act allows your lungs and diaphragm to exercise while releasing healing oxygen. Not only will this activity be helpful for your overall recovery but this can also become de-stressing and fun for you!
  2. Walking can do wonders for you: You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that walking can bring a lot of benefits to your health, and this can still be true even after your accident. But before you schedule your next morning walk, keep in mind the following things:
  • Ask your doctor about your plans of scheduling your walks and make sure that your doctor approves of this. Don’t do anything your doctor vetoes as this can bring more harm than good to your recovery.
  • Start with a flat surface for the walk, and don’t rush in taking a thousand steps daily. Start slow and keep your walking routine consistent.
  • Wear a pair of supportive and sturdy shoes. You can ask your physical therapist (PT) or doctor for recommendations.
  1. Ask what stretching exercises you can do: You might have certain injuries that hinder you from moving in certain ways, that’s why you should consult first with your physiotherapist about the possible stretching exercises you can do. Sure, you might think that these things are too simple to do at home, but this can keep scar tissues from forming as your body heals. This means that even if you were scarred during the accident, the scar would most likely lighten and will not have a permanent mark on your body. Proper stretching can also aid in your pain management – and these are reasons enough for you to slowly try stretching after your car accident.
  2. Enroll yourself in guided aqua therapy exercise: If you want to maximize the benefits of exercise for your body to recover fully, you should try out guided aqua therapy exercises. Several resources have provided evidence how this can help many people recover from accidents, and you could be one of those people! Once you enroll yourself in guided aqua therapy exercises, expect that you’ll be doing everything in the water – you’ll have to walk and perform exercises in a pool. Not only will these exercises help you recover, but the water can also take off the weight from your injured joints, ligaments, and muscles. And you don’t have to worry because every time you’re in the water, you’re guided by a professional PT.

While you’ll most likely have a car accident attorney to help you during the legal aftermath of your car accident, you can use exercises to help you with the physical and mental aspects. You don’t have to fully implement all of these exercises immediately as your body might not be able to handle it. You have to slowly do some of these exercises, and if you don’t notice any pain, you can carry on in doing more exercises. The goal here is to use exercises to help you, and not add more injuries from what you have right now. As long as you take things slow and follow the tips presented in this article, you’ll hopefully be able to recover in no time!



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