Low testosterone refers to having the hormone testosterone below normal levels. There are a few symptoms that are common when the condition manifests itself such as erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, and depression. There are a number of reasons for low testosterone including underlying conditions and lifestyle changes. This is something that can affect both men and women but is most common among men. In the case of men, the condition can be treated through the administration of testosterone shots.

Here are more facts you need to know including risks and treatment options you should consider.

What causes low testosterone?

Causes of low testosterone can be grouped into three categories. These include primary, secondary, and tertiary causes.

Primary Causes

This refers to the failure of organs that help in the production of testosterone, mostly the ovaries and the testes. Testicle injuries, mumps, chemotherapy, ovarian failure, and undescended testicles all lead to primary causes of failure.

Secondary and tertiary causes.

Also referred to as secondary hypogonadism, secondary causes are problems linked to the pituitary gland. The most common condition is where the pituitary glands are unable to regulate testosterone. Some of the conditions that might lead to this include gland malformations, inflammation, and consuming anabolic steroids.

Risks of low testosterone

Low testosterone can bring about a number of health effects, especially to men’s sex life. When a man suffers from low testosterone, he will have challenges getting an erection or keeping one. The condition also affects libido and all these factors could damage partner relationships. In addition to effects on sexual performance, low testosterone also leads to other symptoms including feeling depressed, trouble concentrating, weight increase, gaining more body fat, and having less energy. Men with low testosterone also suffer from having weak bones, which leads to osteoporosis, a condition that makes one more vulnerable to injury.

How to treat low testosterone

There are different treatment options you could embrace that are a perfect match for treating low testosterone. Some of the treatment options available include the following:

1. Testosterone therapy

In this treatment solution, you use testosterone supplementation to treat the condition. The treatment is delivered in a number of ways: patches or gels that you apply to your skin; injections into muscle on a weekly basis, and pallets planted under the skin.

2. Losing weight to become physically fit

You could also change your condition by exercising to lose weight. This slows the decline of testosterone and helps the body to recover from the deficiency. Being overweight interferes with the production of the hormone.

3. Erectile dysfunction medication

If the most visible symptoms include erectile dysfunction, you should consider using erectile dysfunction medications as they serve the purpose to help you restore your hormone levels. This will treat the symptom and the benefits could extend to cover other problems caused by low testosterone in the body.

Many men are affected by low testosterone, a condition that changes their sexual life and could lead to serious problems like accelerated weight gain. When this condition manifests, you should consider diagnosis to understand the best treatment measure to embrace. There are methods you could use to treat the condition including the ideas suggested above.