Typically we go to our physician when we fell ill and in many cases if appropriate our physician will prescribe a course of antibiotics. However, have you ever worried that over time you might be building up a tolerance? This is not an uncommon concern as studies show that even using antibiotics over a short period of time can lead to resistance. While they have been the medical option of choice when it comes to managing a wide range of health issues since the 1940s, there are ways you can help make yourself feel better at home.

Our foods can play a key role in how we feel and some foods are more effective than others. Take New Zealand’s Manuka Honey as an example. Clinical trials have shown that is can be effective in fighting against more than 250 strains of bacteria! If blood pressure or fat accumulation are health concerns that you struggle with, look to add Apple Cider Vinegar to your diet which combined with a healthy exercise routine and a healthy eating plan can assist with weight loss. Need some more inspiration to help you be your most healthy self in 2016? Why not peruse this detailed infographic created by Evoke.ie for more details.