We can’t deny the fact that good nutrition is one of the secrets of a healthy life. It is only through a healthy and balanced diet that you can improve your health. Foods that contain minerals and vitamins should be consumed by people who intend to live a healthy lifestyle. Vegetables, fruits, dairy and whole grains are few of the best sources of dietary protein.

We give you few questions which you should ask yourself and if the answer is ‘yes’ to all these questions, you need to talk to your doctor about the condition of your health. The doctor might advise you to improve your eating habits in order to extract better nutritional value. The questions are as follows:

  • Do you have a risk factor or a health issue like high levels of bad cholesterol or blood pressure?
  • Do heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis or arthritis run in your family?
  • Did your family physician ever tell you that you can improve your health by consuming food with better nutritional values?
  • Are you obese or overweight?
  • Are there doubts in your mind as to the foods that you should consume and whether or not you should take in minerals and vitamins?
  • Do you think you’ll be at an edge if you visit a dietitian or a person who has a specialized degree in nutrition counseling?

Moving on the path of improved health – Is the path scary?

If you’re thinking of altering your eating habits, it can be tough enough for you as it will let you focus on the small changes. In case you have developed some diseases which are worsened by few foods that you love to eat, it is imperative that you make an immediate change to your diet. In case of kidney disease, celiac disease and lactose intolerance, one can benefit by making subtle alterations in his diet. Here are few of the best suggestions to enhance the condition of your health. Ensure getting in touch with a doctor so that they remain informed about the changes that you’re bringing to your diet.

  • Find out the strengths and weaknesses of your present diet. Are you currently having 4-5 cups of vegetables and fruits? Do you consume enough calcium to take care of your bones? Are you taking high-fiber and whole grain foods? If you’re doing all these, you’re walking on the right food. If you aren’t, add some of these foods to your diet.
  • Measure the portions that you have by writing down what you eat everyday. If you can record your food intake, this will help you determine your diet. You will then understand whether or not you’ll need to eat from the same food groups.
  • Consider getting in touch with a dietitian. They usually give you a diet chart by following which you can take care of your health issues and also remain in the best diet.

Is it necessary to cut back on unhealthy fat?

It goes without mentioning that everyone can reap benefits by curbing on unhealthy fat. Do you eat lot of fat presently? If answered yes, you have to commit yourself to ditch those fats and change your food habits. In case you don’t know what unhealthy fats comprise of, poultry skin, dark chicken meat, fat portions of lamb, beef, pork and dairy foods which contain high fat like butter, milk and cheese are the ones, to name a few. Here are few ways in which you can cut down on unhealthy fat.

  • Instead of frying the meat, grill, bake or broil it after removing the skin of the before cooking your chicken. Fish should be eaten at least once in a week.
  • Extra fat should be reduced. Stop adding butter on your bread slices, salad dressings and sour cream when you eat baked potatoes. However, you could use the non-fat or low-fat versions of your foods.
  • Eat lots of vegetables and fruits along with your snacks and meals.
  • Stay aware of hidden fats when you eat out. Avoid taking large portion sizes while eating out.
  • Go through the nutritional labels and the list of ingredients on the foods that you purchase. In case you don’t understand the labels, make sure you get help from your doctor.
  • Stay hydrated and drink lots of water. Ditch sweetened drinks as they add lot of calories and sugar to your diet.

Few vital things to add or subtract from your diet

  • Ditch sugar to avoid the calories

Sugary drinks are perhaps the most fattening thing that you can add to your body. Ditch sugar and start having the best manuka honey in case you have to satiate your sweet tooth. The liquid calories that enter your body usually are not registered in the human brain in a similar way in which calories from other solid foods don’t.

  • You should consume nuts

Although nuts are high in fat, they are exceptionally healthy and nutritious. Not only that, they’re also loaded with Vitamin E, magnesium, fiber and other nutrients. As per recent studies, nuts help you in losing weight and they even help in fighting type II diabetes.

  • Stay away from junk food

The biggest reason behind the world being sick and fat at the same time is due to the processed junk foods that they include in their diet. It is said that these foods are extremely rewarding and hence they trick human brain and prompt the person to eat more than what he requires. Some people even get addicted to junk food.

Now that you’re almost sure about the food groups that you should eat from, make sure you ask your doctor about the number of servings that you should eat from. In case you’re a vegetarian, how should you improve your health? This is also something that needs to be asked to your dietitian. So, be fast in clearing all your doubts on food and start living healthy.