People have invented many ways and solutions to look great. Some users spare no efforts on their workout sessions and miscellaneous training. Others focus on dieting combined with other additives. Today, we will review one of the most widespread options to shed extra pounds.

Dieting with Shakes

Any diet stipulates a restriction of certain foods is required for weightloss. In most cases, there is a caloric threshold per day. Protein shakes are usually taken instead of one or two eating occasions like dinner and lunch. In addition to a serious reduction of kcal rate, a user experiences thermogenesis. This biological process is useful since it burns excess fat.


It is a common mistake that protein shake diets can be carried out on a regular basis. In fact, the optimum period for such experience is one week. During this time, your body passes through a significant loss of calories resulting in weight loss. Unfortunately, the result is rather difficult to sustain. On this account, this type of dieting usually acts as a springboard to a moderate plan of certain food restriction.


Do not expect to consume only rich protein drinks within this period. Your ration should include such wholesome foods as eggs, vegetables, fish, whole grains, nuts, leafy greens and others products packed with fiber and protein. On the other side, sugar, cooking oil, spirits, processed food are outlawed for those who strive to a slim body.


Any diet plan is a stress to the body. The stricter the food limitation is, the heavier stress you will experience. Moreover, the quality of the chosen shake matters. Depending on your health condition and other factors, it is possible to face such adverse reactions as fatigue, headaches, loose stool, dizziness, constipation, stomach cramping etc.

If you want to minimize the possibility of the mentioned side effects, make sure to avoid artificial ingredients like sweeteners and preservatives in your protein drink.


As soon as you significantly reduce the daily rate of kcal by replacing up to two full meals, your fat deposits will gradually shrink. It is complicated to calculate an approximate result one could achieve since a number of factors like BMI, exact kcal rate per day, daily mental and muscular activities and others need to be considered. Nevertheless, you will see results. Still, it is important to say stop after one week of following such a diet plan. Some people neglect this recommendation and prolong the challenge for another week or more. Being encouraged by the outcome, they forget about a serious damage caused by such way of nourishment to the body. The lack of two full meals in the ration reduces the number of vital nutrients supplied to the organism. Even a super-packed shake is not capable of being a full-fledged substitution to whole foods. Thus, do not abuse with dieting to prevent nutritional deficiencies and save your health.