Deciding to start a healthy lifestyle is pretty easy. What’s hard is sticking to this decision. There are a lot of factors that could hinder your path towards your fitness goal – schedule, unhealthy food choices, and laziness.

How can you stay focus and determined despite these obstacles? These tips below are proven to be effective in achieving your fitness goals.

  1. Create a fit environment

Your environment plays a key role in the quality of your lifestyle. Create a fit environment to get you in shape. These are the actions that you can make in creating a fit environment:

  • Get rid of unhealthy snacks
  • Set fitness challenges with your friends
  • Join a sports team
  • Pack fruits and nuts to work
  • Park farther away so you will have to walk more

Setting up a fit environment does not happen overnight. By little actions gradually, you will be able to establish a healthy routine habit.

  1. Track what you eat

Food-binging is one of the main culprits of weight gain. Being aware of the quality and quantity of the food that you eat is a must if you want to get rid of those unwanted pounds. Creating a food journal is a great way of tracking the food that you have consumed.

Creating a food journal would be able to:

  • Make you learn how to control your calories
  • Understanding the sources of calories and know about portion control
  • Analyze situations where you binge
  • Provides an objective record of the food consumed

Writing down all the food that you eat makes you more conscious on the type of food that you consumed. If you gained or lose weight, you can always go back to your journal and check what food you had eaten on those days.

  1. Work-out with people that has the same goal

It’s easier to stay fit if you are surrounded with people that are conscious with their lifestyle too. Surround yourself with people that have the same goals as yours. Look for a work-out body that can help you keep motivated and driven. To up the excitement, you can play biggest loser.


  1. Rethink your attitude towards exercise

Healthy people have a positive attitude towards fitness. They acknowledge that regular exercise is a must to have a healthier, happier and longer life. They perceive physical activity as a priority and continue to look for exercises that they find enjoyable.

If you have a love-hate relationship with exercise, it’s high time to fully embrace its importance towards your fitness goal.


  1. Make a commitment to fitness

Commitment to fitness should come from you. You will never be able to achieve your fitness goal if your commitment is half-meant and shallow. How do you get the commitment and stay committed to your fitness goal?

These are some of the tips to keep the fire burning.

  • Give yourself time – Don’t push yourself too hard. Do things gradually until you reach your target.
  • Reward yourself
  • Be patient
  • Find ways to integrate fitness into your lifestyle
  • Look into the mirror and visualize yourself fit.


  1. Believe in yourself

There is nothing that you can’t do if you put your heart into it. Though praise and appreciation from other people is great, having faith in you is a must to be able to reach your fitness goal.

Setting realistic goals will help you believe in yourself and your ability to accomplish them. You would only be bound to disappointments if you set goals that are impossible to meet. Also take a few moments to reflect at the end of the day. Look at yourself in the mirror and pat your back for a job well done.


Having a positive outlook and steady commitment are sure ways to get you the desired fitness goals. Use technology to your advantage and check out fitness trackers and health gadgets at that can aid you maximizing your workout routine and get to your fitness goal faster.


Author Bio: Cindy is blogger and writer at and she has a passion for fitness that she wants to share with you, and anyone else who is interested in living a healthier lifestyle.