Canada has always been known for spectacular lakes and majestic landscapes, so it’s no surprise that this country offers some of the best backpacking destinations for adventurers and hikers. As backpacking became popular over the years, more people have taken this opportunity to combine their wanderlust and will to maintain their fitness. Indeed, backpacking has a lot of benefits affecting the holistic wellbeing of a person.

Check our list below for some backpacking places Canada offers to adventure-seekers and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Panorama Ridge


Found through the Garibaldi Provincial Park, the Panorama Ridge will take you to a beautiful route along the Garibaldi Lake and Black Tusk, finishing at Panorama Ridge with a scenic 360-degree view of alpine lakes and the surrounding mountainous terrain. As you hike, you’ll also witness captivating views of evergreen trees and western red cedars laid out on the valleys below with wildflowers adding a pop of colour to the green canvass. Black Tusk’s volcanic black rock and snow-capped mountains are also a sight to behold.

Mount Assiniboine

Mount Assiniboine, one of the most widely known mountains in the world, is found in Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park. Because of its pyramid shape, this mountain is known as the Matterhorn of Canada. Mount Assiniboine has a staggering height of 11,870 feet and offers hikers a 37-mile trail that starts from Mount Shark and heads to Lake Magog.

When backpacking this destination, you have the choice to camp at Lake Magog or stay at the Mount Assiniboine Lodge. You can also try other amazing trails nearby such as the Marvel lake and Wonder Pass. On your way out, choose to hike via Sunshine Ski Hill and experience passing through the spectacular Citadel Pass. Three to six days should be enough to complete this hike.

Lake Minnewanka

Ideal for fitness enthusiasts who are beginning backpackers, this hike can be completed in one night. Just a short drive away from the town of Banff, the Lake Minnewanka route is a short, flat trail that would give you a perfect time of solitude and serenity. A short two-hour walk will allow you to marvel at the breathtaking views of the mountains and lake. Spending a night in Lake Minnewanka is highly suggested, but if you want a quick jog to escape the chaos of every day, this route will not disappoint.

Skoki Lodge

If you want a backpacking trip that lets you explore a beautiful corner of Banff National Park, the Skoki Lodge is your best bet, not to mention it is only accessed through certain means including hiking. The Skoki region is rich with great historical backcountry campground and log cabin. The trail leads you past clear, blue lakes and into grassy meadows and blooming forest with snow-peaked mountains in the distance before arriving at the campground or lodge. Usually, hikers reach the lodge after hiking for a day. Once you reach the lodge, get ready to explore equally beautiful lakes, mountains, and trails nearby.

Berg Lake Trail

Located in the premises of Mount Robson Provincial Park, the Berg Lake Trail is one of the most popular trails in Canada, which averages 4000 visitors each year. You’ll need to hike 13 miles to get to Lake Berg from the trailhead, and if you want another hike for an additional day, the 7-mile long trail to Snowbirds Pass is recommended. When you arrive at the lake campground, you’ll be greeted by a stunning view of the Emperor Face of Mount Robson, along with the lake’s turquoise water. Indeed, this backpacking trip spells nature and fitness!

West Coast Trail

The Pacific Rim National Park Reserve of British Columbia is the home to the renowned West Coast Trail. For a more relaxed hike, try the recommended route of starting in Pachena Bay towards Gordon River in the south. This is because the southern part is known to be more challenging, so hiking with a lighter pack is extremely helpful.

Extending for 47 miles, this trail will take you through Vancouver Island’s rainforest coast. Many hikers complete this backpacking trip in 4-6 days. Hiking the West Coast Trail requires a permit, which becomes available each year on the first of April. If there are available slots, you can also get a same-day permit.

Skyline Trail

Found along the Canadian Rockies’ Maligne range within the premises of Jasper National Park, Skyline trail is the highest trail in the said park. Along the route are six campsites where you can comfortably stay. This route offers a 28-mile long hike, taking you on a trip to admire the picturesque mountaintop views, explore a trail above the treeline, and marvel at beautiful snow-capped ridges and green meadows. The hike is usually completed in three days and is a workout for hikers.


Before going for a backpacking trip, it is important to prepare all your essentials. Your backpack is the priority as it will hold all your belongings. Choose one that’s sturdy but lightweight at the same time. If you’re hiking for multiple days, it is best to bring with you a tent. However, bivy sacks are the favorite among hikers nowadays because they are compact and lightweight. There is a variety out there, so make sure to choose the best bivy sack that complements your needs.



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