It is easy to be health conscious but it is another story to maintain an active lifestyle. So, make it more fun! Here is how you can stay fit with your dog!

Nowadays, all of us are glued to our smartphones nearly 24/7. It is hard to keep our eyes off our devices that we forget the importance of staying active physically. This is exactly why we need to make working out and becoming active more fun yet again!

If you have not realized it yet, our dogs need to stay physically active, too. This means that you can actually hit two birds with one stone when you finally make a habit out of working out with your pet. So, here are the different activities you can do together with your furball to help both of you stay in shape:

How to Maintain an Active Lifestyle for You and Your Dog

Go For An Early Morning Walk.

Never underestimate what an early morning walk could do for you and your dog. If anything, it is the best way to start the day!

Getting up in the morning could be a difficult task. So, when you actually find yourself snoozing your alarms every time, beat the habit with a healthy mindset. Get up, no matter how sleepy you are. Strap your dog harness and/or collar (use flea-repelling collars for bushy areas), and head straight out.

Walking around the block will boost your energy for the day. As the sun shines, you have just started your day right! A breath of fresh air in the morning can go a long way.

Doing this every day is not a must, but it is highly recommended. Nonetheless, spend at least 10 to 30 minutes walking with your dog, every time. It is one of the simplest ways to optimize and maintain your dog’s agility.

Go For A Late Afternoon Jog.

Another great workout is jogging. Personally, I believe that it is the best and simplest form of cardio exercise.

When you get out of work on Fridays, forget about having dinner with your colleagues. Forget about partying till dawn on Saturdays. Instead, spend these days becoming physically fit.

Jogging for about 30 minutes to an hour over the weekends strengthens your cardiovascular (CV) endurance. It does the same thing for your pet. More importantly, it helps burn calories faster! So, if both of you love eating, running should balance out your calorie intake.

It could be a bit exhausting for your muscles; so, twice a week will do. Eventually, you will get used to it. One day, you will just be surprised that you can already run for at least 30 minutes every day.


If your dog is way too energetic for walks and jogs, you might want to try something else. In this case, cycling is the best alternative.

Also, if you are in it for the long haul and looking for a new hobby, cycling is perfect activity for you. It will help strengthen your leg muscles. At the same time, it burns calories easily.

More importantly, cycling will give your dog the exercise he or she needs. Some experts suggest that a lack of physical activity may lead to behavioral issues. It is one of the factors affecting destructive behavior; and it brings out a dog’s predatory nature. Cycling, being an intense physical activity, will help address these issues.

If you are into a more challenging outdoor activity with your four-legged pal, then you have to try this.


Rollerblading is another fun activity that brings the challenge to a whole new level. Again, if you want to try new things that are far from the usual, you must consider rollerblading with your pet.

This could be a little dangerous. So, I only recommend this activity for those with expertise in rollerblading on their own.

Nonetheless, if you are just a novice and really want to do it with your dog, you can learn and practice by yourself first. You may also take lessons or join groups of expert rollerbladers! It is never too late to develop new skills regardless of your age.

When rollerblading with your dog, always consider the location as part of your safety measures. Be sure to do it in a place free of traffic and with less people. The local park will do, but be sure to avoid it during peak hours.

Play Fetch.

Of course, this list would be incomplete without a game of fetch with your dog. Your experience as a pet parent is pretty much incomplete without having played fetched at least once!

If you are a bit tired, this is the best go-to. All you have to do is be there to throw a ball; then, let yourself do all the running. He or she gets all the exercise he or she needs without you exerting that much effort. You would not have to worry about not being able to match your pet’s energy. This makes fetch a great activity on weekdays.

At least, he or she would not have to suffer from behavioral issues due to lack of exercise. Your dog gets an outlet for his or her energy, properly! So, make sure that you invest on the best dog toys.

Play Tug ‘o War.

If your dog’s behavior issues have become quite uncontrollable, playing tug ‘o war might just be your best bet at addressing the issue. It is perfect for those who have not taken their dogs out for anything physical for quite some time. If you are one of those, you would want to give your dog a release before anything else.

First, tug ‘o war helps correct inappropriate biting. Once your dog have become aggressive, he or she might start biting strangers. In some cases, you might even be the victim. Tug ‘o war gives your pet a way to release those tendencies without hurting people. It is a win-win situation since it also serves as an exercise.

Also, this would restore and/or strengthen your bond with him or her. Being distant from your dog can create serious problems in the future; so, you would want to maintain a healthy relationship too.

Hit The Beach.

To kick things up a notch, you may take your pet to the beach with you. If there are water bodies around your area, this could be a regular thing. Otherwise, you may also go for an out-of-town trip with your dog every once in a while.

There are plenty of things you can do in the beach. Playing fetch seems fun in the white sand. Swimming, kayaking, paddling… these are just some of the fun physical activities you can enjoy.

Your dog needs to see a new environment every now and then. Indoor swimming pools will do, but nothing is better than exploring the beauty of nature with your best pal.

To Sum It Up…

Your dog was not born to just sit around all day. He or she was not meant for the “eat-sleep-repeat” habit, no matter how fun that sounds.

Dogs are among the most intuitive and most energetic animals on earth. In the first place, this is why they have always been the leading choice for household pets. We love them for the energy and the companionship they offer us. Of course, we want to return all the love and care in the world to them.

Staying physically active on your own can be a little bit boring. It is hard to maintain the consistency when you are just doing it for yourself. So, doing it with your dog will give you the motivation you need. We do not want them to exhibit aggressive behavior due to lack of exercise. Also, we do not want them to gain excessive weight and develop health issues.

There are various activities you can do with your furball. You just need to try and put in the work. Eventually, you will find what routines work best for you and your pet.


Jennifer Wood has been a loving pet parent for almost half of her life now. She is passionate about dog care and self-care. As a blogger, she hopes to help other pet parents in their journey by sharing her own stories and experiences. Through blogging about all sorts of useful information and product reviews, she aims to strengthen the online community of dog lovers.