How many times have you envied a well-defined or rock-hard set of abs? How many times have you wished it was you, and how many times have you almost made it out of your easy chair to the gym only to fall back down because it was just too stressful? Too many times, right?

I know exactly how you feel because I was you… I found out that the fastest way to tone my abs was to get help. Not human help, mechanical help!

There are many handy ab machines that can help you with exercises like crunches, sit-ups, and more. Some even offer enhanced resistance training that tax the abdominal muscles with enough intensity and overload to theoretically improve your appearance.

So, I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best machines for abs workout that’s currently available on the market. I’ve also included their pros and cons and how they compare against one another.


Whether you are an avid runner, athlete, CrossFitter, or regular Joe, it’s safe to say that a strong core is necessary if you want to improve your performance and form. All the below equipment work to make your core stronger and better defined.

1. Ab Coaster Max

Ab Coaster Max is a valuable piece of equipment to your home gym. It will help chisel your abs and work your lower, middle and upper abs.

How it works

Using this machine requires you to kneel on it and pull yourself up using the grips. Your stomach muscles do most of the work and your arms and shoulders will also benefit from the resistance.


  • Builds upper, lower and middle abs
  • Comes with DVD and meal planning guide
  • Easy to assemble


  • High price tag


2. Ab Carver Pro Roller

Rollers are simple and effective. The Ab Carver Pro is one of the best rollers because it’s both advanced and easy to use. It comes with a coiled carbon steel engine that adds resistance to the workouts.

How it works

It has a wide wheel used for stability during rolling. Grip the handles and stretch out fully or pull back. During use, and the ergonomic rubber handles ensure that your hands don’t slide, and make rolling easy


  • Curved grips for easy handling
  • Activates several muscle groups
  • A patented kinetic engine for resistance


  • Users who are unfit will need some practice before they can pull their own body weight.


3. CAP Barbell Ab Trainer

The CAP Barbell Ab Trainer is sturdy and easy to use. The crunch trainer will help you define your muscles and also gets rid of back and neck strain that usually accompanies crunches.

How it works

Lie on your back, raise both hands up and hold on to the bar while you rock back and forth. The rocker is made of a durable steel material and the headrest is cushioned for support. If you don’t want to fuss of setting up an ab-crunching machine, this is the machine for you.


  • Fast assembly
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Affordable price tag


  • Does not work out other body parts


4. Stamina Pro Ab Hyper Bench

The hyper bench is an ideal choice for those who want to target their abs and other muscles at the same time.

How it works

Work out all parts of your body with this multifunction machine. Use the knee raise section to target your lower abs and leg muscles at the same time. The handlebar allows for you to build strong thigh muscles and tone upper and lower abs too.


  • Thigh support is adjustable
  • Durable materials
  • Different workout routines


  • Some assembly is required


5. AB Circle Pro Home Fitness Machine

This is a great all-in-one ab workout machine without the strain of sit-ups. It offers a low impact, high result abs toning in just a few minutes every day.

You can work out your abs from different angles and target the core regions from front to back.

How it works

Kneel on the bar and ensure that your knees are secure. Swing at 360 degrees working your abs from all directions. It comes with a friction-free track that helps you work out your inner thigh as well.


  • Multi-resistance levels
  • 360 degrees’ work out
  • Perfectly integrate cardio


  • The bar under the knees tends to slip out. Securing it fixes this problem.



If you’ve tried one of those fancy abs machines advertised on TV or in the stores and discovered that they didn’t produce that gorgeous set of chiseled abs you’re looking for, then one of the above may be the answer.

The truth is, most of us discover all too quickly that getting abs we can proudly display is easier said than done. It requires commitment and a sizeable dose of willpower. Most importantly, you need the right set of tools to make the journey easier.