Body weight is one of the things that are the most difficult to control. Most of us have had to deal with weight issues at one time or another. You are not the only one struggling with fluctuating weight.

Why do we struggle with weight?

Our parents had fewer weight problems than us, and their parents had fewer weight problems than they did. Obesity is becoming more and more widespread, and every next generation is struggling more than the one before it. One reason is the shift from an agricultural to an industrial society. People who had to work land were more active physically. Now, many of us barely get up from the computer. We go everywhere by car. Actually, our technology-centered society is even worse than industrial society in this respect.

Another reason is poor eating habits. Often parents don’t have the time to teach their children about this. As a result, we don’t acquire healthy eating habits in childhood and struggle with eating disorders and weight problems as adults. It is possible to become healthier with age and maturity, so don’t lose hope.

You should avoid junk food and eat a lot of vegetables, lean meat and low-fat dairy products. Whole-grain foods are good too. If you are a vegetarian, make sure you eat eggs and nuts to get the protein your body needs. Meat is almost indispensable as a protein source. You should eat fruit, but not too much because it contains fructose, which your body can’t process, and it just builds up unhealthy deposits in your liver.

If you can’t go without alcohol, at least limit it. It contains a huge amount of calories. Do not take weight loss pills, even herbal ones. Some of the stuff that is touted as a supplement is actually really harmful.

It’s all in your head

Weight issues can sometimes have a traumatic impact on your body and self-image. You could opt for therapy as a last resort – if you have enough money. A psychologist and / or a nutritionist could be very helpful. Getting proper counselling from experts has helped some people overcome unhealthy food cravings.

The beginning is always the hardest – it’s like that for everyone. With time, healthy eating will become part of your daily routine. You need to give it time.


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