Every Wednesday the alarm goes off at 5 a.m.  Usually we hit snooze once, but that’s all we can afford. Spin starts at 6 a.m. sharp.

Ask anyone who knows us and they’ll tell you, we are very different people. Katie is the social one. She commands the room; she plans the party and invites everyone to join. I’m the quiet one. Much more thoughtful in my approach.

You can see the difference in our workouts too.

She teaches a spin class at least three times a week. The rest of the days (sometimes the same days) are full of HIIT classes, circuits and, lately, the occasional yoga class.

I workout on my own. I choose hours when I think the gym will be empty. I’m there to lift hard and lift heavy. I grit my teeth and get it done.

But on Wednesdays we work together for 50 minutes on the bike while the sun is starting to rise.

We’ve tried tandem exercises in the past, but we’re too competitive for that. I don’t like that she can plank for minutes longer than I can. She hates it when I correct her form while she squats. We literally work for competing companies. That’s enough head-to-head. We don’t need it at the gym too. Even on the days when we go there together, we rarely see each other until we’re done. It takes a certain level of respect to let your partner walk their own path and respect that they’ll meet you at the end.

We’ve never really talked about it, but exercise has done a lot to nurture our relationship. It’s the healthiest form of stress relief we’ve found. It’s funny how you can’t help but feel content after an hour at the gym knocks the wind out of you and gets those endorphins pumping. There’s nothing like conquering a sweat session together. Our approaches are different, but the goal has always been the same. Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy hearts.

My favourite part of Wednesday morning is 7:05 a.m. That’s when we’re driving home from spin. We’re sweaty, but we’re not tired. When most people are just getting out of bed, we’ve already kicked some ass. And we did it together. The rest of the day is easy after that.


By Kent Morrison