April has just arrived and if you’re thinking, “I shouldn’t have eaten so much cheesecake and creme eggs post-Easter weekend,” then you’re probably in the same boat with many of us. Thankfully, starting a yoga routine is a great and easy way to tone your muscles, burn calories and stop those late night cravings, which tend to leave you digging around the last nooks and crannies of your Easter basket.

Just because you’ve devoured your entire stash of Easter chocolate in one night, or you had leftover cake for breakfast three days straight, doesn’t mean you can’t start focusing on making healthier lifestyle choices through the transformative help of yoga and its supportive global community. This infographic shows some of the incredible benefits of yoga such as boosting your metabolism, sustaining a normal weight, and de-stressing your body.


Yoga for Weight Loss: A Beginner’s Guide to Losing Weight With Yoga